Feminism for men

What does feminism mean for men?

I think many men are too used to their privileges and if their not driven by great fairness esteem, it’s quite hard for them to even notice the patriarchal structures. I’m going to explain what I think is often looked around when It come to feminism; what’s in it for the men? I don’t say that feminism has to benefit males. I only want to discuss the topic since I think it’s important.

You get to live in an equal society:

Most people, of any gender or sex, want an equal society. And that is also what feminism aims fore. I think a lot of male feminists including me would say that feminism benefits them in that they want to live in an equal world.

All your attributes are valued the same:

Feminine traits are usually being looked down upon among men and this is something that the feminism movement is working against. When I was younger many of the boys in my school used the Swedish word for a homosexual man as a word of abuse. This drove me and my schoolmates to often think that we shouldn’t do things that were considered to be “bög(igt)”. This is something that all men have been exposed to maybe even more in past generations. For an example talking about your feelings and giving complements doesn’t happened much in many solely male company’s, which I think is a pity. If men and women where allowed to be more alike maybe they could be more stable and complete persons. People are complex and when you only develop the sides that you as a man are supposed to then your personality gets limited.

I believe some of those traits can lead to a better mental health for men and better relations with people around them.


Equal salaries give you more leisure and time to spend with your kids:

Maybe women can take a greater role in the family’s providing and thus making the men give up some of their responsibility. Many men feel like they have to support the whole family the best they can which sometimes can be at the expense of their relationship with their children.

I think feminism has an important role in making the world an equal place and also in making every individual feel accepted. A world filled with gender normative values will also make a lot of potential go to waste. “Égalité liberté et fratarnité!” Equality, liberty and brotherhood; those were the key words in the French revolution and not one of them could, according to me, be fulfilled without feminism!


1 thought on “Feminism for men

  1. pikachuhug

    I think its great that you are writing about this topic. I think part of why feminism has such a bad reputation in today’s society is because people don’t really understand what it stands for. I have met a lot of people who, when i said i was a feminist, assumed that i hated men and thought that women were superior. This is absolutely not true. As you said femenism is about making it better for everyone, including men, and its these kind of predjudices that is, in my opinion, making the feminist process move slower than it should.


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