Sleeping Beauty got raped

A night of joy and happiness in the castel took an uninvited turn. At 01.40am Beauty woke up when a man forced his penis into her vagina. She had been sleeping for 100 minutes and didn’t notice when the man snook in.

The rape took place last friday in the king and queens castel for their daughter Beauty’s birthday party. Everyone in town were invited except one man, because they didn’t have enough cocktailglass. The parents told our reporter that they had thought for awhile what to do the with the situation. They decided that it was rude to invite the person and then get him a ordinary glass so it was better not to invite him. “Even before the rape we had our prejudice about him, he seemed to be a priggish man who liked to mind others bussines” Beauty’s mother commented.

Thought it seems like this man came to the party anyway, uninvited, he must have climbed over the wild roses and gotten in through the backdoor. They served a lot of free drinks for the guest of all ages, and the uninvited man had been seen behind the bar serving drinks, to among others- Beauty. Therefore Beauty got drunk and after the clook struck twelwe she suddenly passed out in the bed on the fourth floor. Two friends had seen her tumbling up the stairs, nearly falling asleep during her moving steps, the two friends who also are very near to Beauty helped her down in the bed and closed the door behind. Neither of the two friends could ever imagine that anyone would come after Beauty. At the same time as Beauty fell asleep in her bed, everyone else also did – whatever they did. Dancing or taking a snack, they just stoped in that move and fell asleep.

When Beauty found the man above her, pushing her body down with his weight, she was soober enough to take notice of the situation and do a fysical resistance. The man, who she rememberes was in the twenties, was no friend of her but she did recognize him from her history class, he was the man they hadn’t invited. She told us that there had been a rumor going on about the party, and that he must have found out.

When Beauty scremed and tried to force the man’s body  away from hers he didn’t care. Beauty then tried to beat her fists at the wall to make som noice through the castle to get someone to notice her need of help.

All the others who had also blacked out, suddenly seemed to awaken aswell, says Beauty. Soon they heard Beauty’s screams. Beautys two best friends had come running for her and when they found her with the man, still trying to rape her, they tell us that they pushed him away and ran out of there the three of them.

The trial was held not long after the the crime, and beauty aplied for a restraining order, so she will never have too see him ever again in her life.

The verdict made it forbidden for the man to near the castle where Beauty lived. She could now finally live in peace and happily forever after.

But this is a rare case. A lot of victims are afraid of reporting the violation and for those who do the trial is often laid down because of “lack of evidence”. People have shown dissatifaction about that we have no consent law. They mean that a consent law will find more offenders guilty.



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