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The Sound of Melting Snow

The Sound of Melting Snow

Drip drop drip drop

Wakes her up at night

Drip drop drip drop

No dripping in her sight

Drip drop drip drop

In the kitchen apples rot

Drip drop drip drop

Faucets leaking? No, they’re not.

Drip drop drip drop

Hips feel like breaking

Drip drop drip drop

Familiar pictures, her heart is aching

Drip drop drip drop

Silence in the shower but

Drip drop drip drop

The door behind her is closing shut

Drip drop drip drop

Her face is staring back at her

Drip drop drip drop

The mirror reveals her in a blur

Drip drop drip drop

Her time is swiftly spilling out

Drip drop drip drop

A searing pain begins to sprout

Drip drop drip drop

Faces, memories, all escaping

Drip drop drip drop

Ever after – what’s remaining?


Who needs feminism?

The mean old man next-door needs feminism. He is drowning from the inside because men aren’t supposed to shed tears.

The girl who just won a race and the boy who came second need feminism. The spotlight is still shining bright on the boy. Uncomfortably bright. He lost to a girl. The girl remains in the shadows only being lit up now and again to emphasize the boy’s loss.

The unborn children of tomorrow need feminism. Their lives and choices should be their own. Not the ones society has cut out for them.

The girl you sat next to on the tube needs feminism. She thinks her worth is defined by how many or how few guys she sleeps with.

The guy you sat next to on the bus needs feminism. He thinks his worth is defined by how many or how few girls he sleeps with.

The two monsters hiding under your bed need feminism. They just want to be loved for who they really are.

The media needs feminism. Where do I even begin?

The woman you walked past on your way home today needs feminism. She was being asked what she was wearing the night she got raped.

The boy you thought you saw yesterday needs feminism. She was born in the wrong body. She can’t tell anyone.

Girls who wear a lot of makeup and revealing clothes need feminism. It’s completely up to them what they like to wear. Shut up.

That guy needs feminism. You all know who I’m talking about. He’s a jerk.

A little boy sitting in his room thinking about who he used to be needs feminism. He has given up something he loves out of fear of being bullied.

All those who died, and keep dying, fighting for a world where everyone is equal need feminism. So their sacrifices weren’t made in vain.

A girl on the other side of the world needs feminism. All the men and women she could have saved need feminism too. The cure for cancer is buried deep within the girl’s mind and she needs education to set it free.

An ambitious young woman studying eagerly needs feminism. At the end of the day she gets the lower income anyway.

Some very weird trees found deep in the tropical rainforests need feminism. Damn those sexist trees.

The boy who hasn’t even got a word yet needs feminism. He’s the male equivalent of a tomboy. Why would a man want to resemble anything traditionally considered feminine?

I need feminism because sometimes I feel like an empty shell being painted by others in colours they think would suit me.

I need feminism because I believe people should be seen and treated as individuals.

I need feminism because this list could go on and on and on. I haven’t even scratched the surface.

I need feminism because I am not just my gender.

I am





Do you need feminism?