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Sexism in different shapes and sizes

It seems like society finally have started to realize the importance of feminism and equality between genders, well at least the Swedish society. But the other day when I was browsing the internet I came across something that made me think. What I saw was the backside of equality that we almost never talk about. The Beckham family had released some photos of their son, Romeo Beckham. Romeo is about eleven years old. So far there was nothing wrong, but when i started to look through the comments on the photos something struck my mind.

A lot of people, especially girls had commented things like: ‘’The stuff i would do to this guy, Oh my so hot, please sleep with me!’’ And nobody seemed to even bother. I mean, what they’re doing is practically implementing that they’d like to have a sexual relation with an eleven year old boy – pedophilia. What caught my attention was the fact that nobody cared, I mean how can you just ignore people who say that they’d like to engage in pedophilia. My theory is that nobody cared because the ‘’victim’’ was i male and the pedophiles were female. Can you just imagine if it were the other way around? If grownup men said these things about little girls or boys? I imagine they’d be tracked down by the FBI in a matter of hours.

Sexism is not just about exposed women who are being objectified, but this is sexism too. Assuming that just because little Romeo Beckham is a male he should be okay with being made in to an object, even though he is just a little boy. Society needs to get rid of all kind sexism, and start to look at things like this in a different way.  So my final words will be:

Hey FBI, track down all the pedophiles, not just the disgusting male ones who live in their mothers basement eating Doritos and and looking for cheap flights to the Philippines or Thailand all day.