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Sleeping Beauty got raped

A night of joy and happiness in the castel took an uninvited turn. At 01.40am Beauty woke up when a man forced his penis into her vagina. She had been sleeping for 100 minutes and didn’t notice when the man snook in.

The rape took place last friday in the king and queens castel for their daughter Beauty’s birthday party. Everyone in town were invited except one man, because they didn’t have enough cocktailglass. The parents told our reporter that they had thought for awhile what to do the with the situation. They decided that it was rude to invite the person and then get him a ordinary glass so it was better not to invite him. “Even before the rape we had our prejudice about him, he seemed to be a priggish man who liked to mind others bussines” Beauty’s mother commented.

Thought it seems like this man came to the party anyway, uninvited, he must have climbed over the wild roses and gotten in through the backdoor. They served a lot of free drinks for the guest of all ages, and the uninvited man had been seen behind the bar serving drinks, to among others- Beauty. Therefore Beauty got drunk and after the clook struck twelwe she suddenly passed out in the bed on the fourth floor. Two friends had seen her tumbling up the stairs, nearly falling asleep during her moving steps, the two friends who also are very near to Beauty helped her down in the bed and closed the door behind. Neither of the two friends could ever imagine that anyone would come after Beauty. At the same time as Beauty fell asleep in her bed, everyone else also did – whatever they did. Dancing or taking a snack, they just stoped in that move and fell asleep.

When Beauty found the man above her, pushing her body down with his weight, she was soober enough to take notice of the situation and do a fysical resistance. The man, who she rememberes was in the twenties, was no friend of her but she did recognize him from her history class, he was the man they hadn’t invited. She told us that there had been a rumor going on about the party, and that he must have found out.

When Beauty scremed and tried to force the man’s body  away from hers he didn’t care. Beauty then tried to beat her fists at the wall to make som noice through the castle to get someone to notice her need of help.

All the others who had also blacked out, suddenly seemed to awaken aswell, says Beauty. Soon they heard Beauty’s screams. Beautys two best friends had come running for her and when they found her with the man, still trying to rape her, they tell us that they pushed him away and ran out of there the three of them.

The trial was held not long after the the crime, and beauty aplied for a restraining order, so she will never have too see him ever again in her life.

The verdict made it forbidden for the man to near the castle where Beauty lived. She could now finally live in peace and happily forever after.

But this is a rare case. A lot of victims are afraid of reporting the violation and for those who do the trial is often laid down because of “lack of evidence”. People have shown dissatifaction about that we have no consent law. They mean that a consent law will find more offenders guilty.



Oscar Wilde’s view on gender roles.

Somewhere in our hearts we have always admired Oscar Wilde. Since the age of five we have laughed at his witty quotes, without really knowing who the author was.

As the years went by we were blown away by his remarkably savvy sarcasm and taunting of the upper-class society in London.

This Victorian author from Ireland is known to be ahead of his time, when it comes to his views on marriage, homosexuality and life in general. Although, he has received a lot of negative criticism on his attitude towards women.

What a typical woman! You talk sentimentally and you are thoroughly selfish the whole time.” – Oscar Wilde, A woman of no importance

But there is something that a lot of people tend to miss out on, and that is that Wilde does not merely have a bad approach on women. We would like to emphasize that this approach applies to all mankind.

In 19th century Britain, women were considered inferior to men by all means and the men elevated themselves above women but Wilde wasn´t the stereotypical man. In our opinion, Wilde was a man who was able see deficiencies in both men and women; which make his perspective more realistic and accurate. What Wilde signifies through his works is that these ”flawless” men also had great faults. 

At last we would like to finish this matter with two enjoyable quotes that we think confirms our opinion. 

“All women become like their mothers. That’s their tragedy.  No man does. That’s his.” 

“Experience is merely the name men give to their mistakes.”

-Oscar Wilde

 By: Boyracer & Oscillate Wildly

Feminism for men

What does feminism mean for men?

I think many men are too used to their privileges and if their not driven by great fairness esteem, it’s quite hard for them to even notice the patriarchal structures. I’m going to explain what I think is often looked around when It come to feminism; what’s in it for the men? I don’t say that feminism has to benefit males. I only want to discuss the topic since I think it’s important.

You get to live in an equal society:

Most people, of any gender or sex, want an equal society. And that is also what feminism aims fore. I think a lot of male feminists including me would say that feminism benefits them in that they want to live in an equal world.

All your attributes are valued the same:

Feminine traits are usually being looked down upon among men and this is something that the feminism movement is working against. When I was younger many of the boys in my school used the Swedish word for a homosexual man as a word of abuse. This drove me and my schoolmates to often think that we shouldn’t do things that were considered to be “bög(igt)”. This is something that all men have been exposed to maybe even more in past generations. For an example talking about your feelings and giving complements doesn’t happened much in many solely male company’s, which I think is a pity. If men and women where allowed to be more alike maybe they could be more stable and complete persons. People are complex and when you only develop the sides that you as a man are supposed to then your personality gets limited.

I believe some of those traits can lead to a better mental health for men and better relations with people around them.


Equal salaries give you more leisure and time to spend with your kids:

Maybe women can take a greater role in the family’s providing and thus making the men give up some of their responsibility. Many men feel like they have to support the whole family the best they can which sometimes can be at the expense of their relationship with their children.

I think feminism has an important role in making the world an equal place and also in making every individual feel accepted. A world filled with gender normative values will also make a lot of potential go to waste. “Égalité liberté et fratarnité!” Equality, liberty and brotherhood; those were the key words in the French revolution and not one of them could, according to me, be fulfilled without feminism!

The unilateral image of domestic violence


“Men exposed to domestic violence by women” is a subject not taken seriously today. There are a lot of cases where the man in a relationship gets abused by their partner and they don’t dare to reach out for help, many people don’t take those who want help seriously.

The image of domestic violence in families is very unilateral among politicians, scientists and the media. The media doesn’t display this issue as much as the opposite; men abusing women. I believe that the lack of attention on this sort of violence in the media can be one reason why the men who actually try to reach out get laughed at, it is unusual for people to see these kinds of problems. Even though the physical damage caused by women might not be as high as the men’s, studies show women often use mental abuse which is just as serious, sometimes even leading to suicide.  Another factor to why people find domestic violence against men so amusing is years and years of tradition separating the genders, the man always being the hero but never the victim.

Many times the men who have experienced domestic violence never tell anyone because they are afraid. Why is that? Is it because society has us seeing women as a weaker human being and getting abused by someone weaker is an embarrassment? I think the work on equality between the genders is moving forward and these sorts of views on men and women should be long gone. But there is still something I would like to call invisible sexism left, even in countries like Sweden. Many governments and people are against sexism and have been for a long time but the imprint is still left behind and we can find this invisible sexism in everyday lives.  An example is that it is a lot easier for a girl to be boyish than a boy to be girlish today. It is as if the man is a superior human being, women who act like men are considered tough and respectable while men who act like women are often looked down at or called gay. It is as if they lower their rank. You can also find it in our language, expressions often used to insult a guy can be;” You throw/hit like a girl” etc. I myself have experienced a case where I played a basketball game with a guy and I won, his friends then laughed and mocked him saying he lost to a girl, very condescending.

But domestic violence is still violence and wrong on so many levels regardless gender. We all have to change our way of handling these problems and fight the gender norms in order to get rid of this invisible sexism once and for all. To really fulfill equality in society we have to help all sides. We have to teach and show the importance of understanding equality. If we all unite in an atmosphere of sympathy and respect our goal of an equal society will be reached, of that I am sure.

Sexist advertising

Is this okay?

Have you also reacted on how crazy things are marketing? How women are objectified in photos where they really are marketing an entirely different thing, as an egg cup or at hat. These two pictures over here have been real ads for Burger King and Mentos in the US.

USA and Great Britain do extremely many sexist commercials and advertising. In Sweden we do less because we have passed laws that prevent obvious sexist commercials to be established. But instead we buy much foreign advertising so in the end we end up having as much sexist commercials as them. But we pretend to have less. We pretend to be better.

This autumn KappAhl in Sweden released a new underwear campaign called “Fifty Shades of Grey” based on the book series by E.L James. My experiences of these books say they contain rough degrading towards women. And KappAhl’s campaign doesn’t betray the books theme. In one photo a woman has a mask over half of her face and a tie are tied around her wrist like a dog-lead, in another photo there is a text that says “You Are Mine”. The women are portrayed as subordinate and sexual objects belonging to someone else. In defense for the critics against KappAhl they themselves are asking HOW they can do their campaigns for underwear without offending girls. In this question I think it’s very interesting to take up how men compared to women are portrayed in underwear campaigns. I have noticed that women in the photos never look into the camera; instead they look at the ground or beyond. But their bodies are always apparent, faced to the camera to prove that it is the women’s bodies that are marketed and not the individual. These pictures always have a feeling of women inferiority. The viewer is supposed to be the superior. Sometimes you even get a feeling of rape. The woman often seems afraid and fragile. The men instead often look into the camera with a steady eye which makes equality with the viewer. In this situation the models and the observers are equal.

Sweden has actually signed the United Nations Women’s Convention that says that the country should counter all stereotypical and subordination portrayals of women. That means that companies which has sexist pictures or texts in their commercials or advertises have to get convicted in court. But still we are facing these awful advertisings every day. It’s apparently not enough that Sweden has signed the convention. We need to do something else. And we can start by saying this is not okay.


Why feminism is unnecessary

Today everything concerns feminism. You have to be politically correct or you will be marked as an enemy to human rights. Girls turn into boys, boys into girls. We have turned the humanity upside down. If that’s not enough, we have created a third gender. A third gender that´s not even biological. It is a social gender. Since the beginning men and women have been different. It is the nature of the humans to have these gender differences. How else are we supposed procreate? The end of humanity is near if we don’t stop this feminism.

During the stone age women had to stay at home to take care of the children while the men were out hunting. That was over ten thousand years ago. The human beings have this skill to adapt after environments and circumstances. Women had to adapt themselves to be able to take care of the home. Men were adapted to hunt animals. The bodies and the minds of ours are adapted to different purposes. We cannot radically change it. Such a change would result in a great stress and depression. The human kind can only deal with changes if they are performed slowly over time. That doesn´t only concerns us, but the entire animal life.

Women are an important key to the society. When men are at war, somebody will have to maintain the cities till the male soldiers come back home. If not the women are suited for that, then who are? Science has shown that men have easier to gain muscles than women. They are also more tenacious. Therefore they are more suited for the frontline in the war.

When men have been at war women have followed them. They are the base of all the victories during the history of man. Sweden would have become such a great war nation ion the thirty year war if it wasn´t for the women. If the women hadn´t come along, the soldiers wouldn´t get any food. No one can fight with an empty stomach.

Russia is a role model when it comes to putting women on their places. They value women a lot because of their skills with children. The riches families can afford to hire a maid. Maids are always women cause they are better on cleaning an doing household assignments. Men don´t see the same things as women. For instance, men only vacuum clean the open areas quickly just to get rid of it when women actually move objects and are doing it more carefully.

The results of gender neutralisation are partly that people become insecure about their gender and sexuality. Insecurity can lead to depression and suicide. In the same way feminism results in suicide. Teenagers are often searching for their identities. Sometimes it might not be as clear for you as for everybody around us. We all have a role in society. You only must find it. Not knowing your role in society leads to great confusion amongst everybody. We have a great influence of those who are around us.

To conclude it all, feminism is unnecessary because we have managed live without it. Feminism only results in confusion. It is against the will of god. Those who deny god and his will shall stand trial.

Yes, I have offended you. I fully understand if you are angry. We all have the right to express our opinions. Hopefully I have awaken feelings deep within. My sincere apologies for being ignorant, stupid and totally not one of Sweden´s intellectual elite.

// Gevréost