5 Reasons to smash the patriarchy

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We’ve read this article written by “Tuthmosis” named “5 reasons to date a girls with an eating disorder”. Tuthmosis have written down five reasons to date a girl with eating disorder. These five reasons are the following: Her obsession over her body will improve her overall looks, She costs less money, She is fragile and vulnerable, She probably has money of her own, She is better in bed. He has also written an explanation after every point.

The following text is our respond to this stupid article:


5 Reasons to smash the patriarchy


1. A woman has unhealthy ideals.


The main reason why so many girls develop an eating disorder is because of the many ideals that exist in out society. Women are told to be skinny, to have big breasts, to be well trained (but of course not to well-trained because that will make her look like a man). She should have a pretty face, nice hair and perfect skin. This causes low self-confidence, pressure and a feeling of not be good enough. Why do we have to try to look a special way when we know we all look different?

2. Women are expected to please their men.
In all times women have been the ones who should listen to their men and follow their decisions through life. Because of the equal opportunities and the gain of feminism, the idea of that women are made to please the men is vanishing away from our current society. “Tuthmosis” describes eating disorder as a way to turn back the society to the “right” position. We think this is some bullshit. No one should be made to please someone else. Unfortunately, that’s not how it is today. Women are supposed to be thoughtful; to put someone else’s needs before her own and, of course, to look good, but not for herself but for the people around her.

Further on, Tuthmosis hasn’t described the sickness from the perspective of a person who is suffering with the disorder. It’s described as a benefit for the other half of the relationship, in this case, the man. The eating disorder has “qualities” like making the man save money because the girl won’t order a normal size portion, or making the man more powerful by using the effect of the girl’s low self-confidence. It will also insure the man a girlfriend with the “perfect body”, because she will always try to look “fit and trim”. If a person wants to find love, that person shouldn’t exploit someone else’s suffering.

3. A woman doesn’t have as much power as a man.


In Sweden, witch we say is “the worlds most equal country” we’ve never had a female prime minister. In the parliament there are 157 women and 192 men. Compared to the rest of the world that’s very good numbers, but is it really equal?


4.The men are the norm- the women are the exception.


Why is it so, that when we hear someone mention a football team, we automatically think about men. It’s not until someone says “the women’s team” we think about the women. And why does many languages contain words that exclude women, even though they are words that are applied on women. As an example, it happens that we say  “en kvinnlig ordningsman” in Swedish.


5. The average women earn less money than the average man.


Let’s say that a woman and a man have the same profession and do the same tasks. Then it would feel like a matter of course that these two people should be paid an equal amount of money. Then why (why, why, why) isn’t this imagination applied in our real society? The fact that the average man earns 20% more than the average woman is unacceptable and it’s also pure discrimination.


To conclude: We are tired of people like “Tuthmosis” who do nothing but build up our already giant patriarchy instead of SMASHING IT!

//yoloswagbruden and mlbegoden


The unilateral image of domestic violence


“Men exposed to domestic violence by women” is a subject not taken seriously today. There are a lot of cases where the man in a relationship gets abused by their partner and they don’t dare to reach out for help, many people don’t take those who want help seriously.

The image of domestic violence in families is very unilateral among politicians, scientists and the media. The media doesn’t display this issue as much as the opposite; men abusing women. I believe that the lack of attention on this sort of violence in the media can be one reason why the men who actually try to reach out get laughed at, it is unusual for people to see these kinds of problems. Even though the physical damage caused by women might not be as high as the men’s, studies show women often use mental abuse which is just as serious, sometimes even leading to suicide.  Another factor to why people find domestic violence against men so amusing is years and years of tradition separating the genders, the man always being the hero but never the victim.

Many times the men who have experienced domestic violence never tell anyone because they are afraid. Why is that? Is it because society has us seeing women as a weaker human being and getting abused by someone weaker is an embarrassment? I think the work on equality between the genders is moving forward and these sorts of views on men and women should be long gone. But there is still something I would like to call invisible sexism left, even in countries like Sweden. Many governments and people are against sexism and have been for a long time but the imprint is still left behind and we can find this invisible sexism in everyday lives.  An example is that it is a lot easier for a girl to be boyish than a boy to be girlish today. It is as if the man is a superior human being, women who act like men are considered tough and respectable while men who act like women are often looked down at or called gay. It is as if they lower their rank. You can also find it in our language, expressions often used to insult a guy can be;” You throw/hit like a girl” etc. I myself have experienced a case where I played a basketball game with a guy and I won, his friends then laughed and mocked him saying he lost to a girl, very condescending.

But domestic violence is still violence and wrong on so many levels regardless gender. We all have to change our way of handling these problems and fight the gender norms in order to get rid of this invisible sexism once and for all. To really fulfill equality in society we have to help all sides. We have to teach and show the importance of understanding equality. If we all unite in an atmosphere of sympathy and respect our goal of an equal society will be reached, of that I am sure.

Sexist advertising

Is this okay?

Have you also reacted on how crazy things are marketing? How women are objectified in photos where they really are marketing an entirely different thing, as an egg cup or at hat. These two pictures over here have been real ads for Burger King and Mentos in the US.

USA and Great Britain do extremely many sexist commercials and advertising. In Sweden we do less because we have passed laws that prevent obvious sexist commercials to be established. But instead we buy much foreign advertising so in the end we end up having as much sexist commercials as them. But we pretend to have less. We pretend to be better.

This autumn KappAhl in Sweden released a new underwear campaign called “Fifty Shades of Grey” based on the book series by E.L James. My experiences of these books say they contain rough degrading towards women. And KappAhl’s campaign doesn’t betray the books theme. In one photo a woman has a mask over half of her face and a tie are tied around her wrist like a dog-lead, in another photo there is a text that says “You Are Mine”. The women are portrayed as subordinate and sexual objects belonging to someone else. In defense for the critics against KappAhl they themselves are asking HOW they can do their campaigns for underwear without offending girls. In this question I think it’s very interesting to take up how men compared to women are portrayed in underwear campaigns. I have noticed that women in the photos never look into the camera; instead they look at the ground or beyond. But their bodies are always apparent, faced to the camera to prove that it is the women’s bodies that are marketed and not the individual. These pictures always have a feeling of women inferiority. The viewer is supposed to be the superior. Sometimes you even get a feeling of rape. The woman often seems afraid and fragile. The men instead often look into the camera with a steady eye which makes equality with the viewer. In this situation the models and the observers are equal.

Sweden has actually signed the United Nations Women’s Convention that says that the country should counter all stereotypical and subordination portrayals of women. That means that companies which has sexist pictures or texts in their commercials or advertises have to get convicted in court. But still we are facing these awful advertisings every day. It’s apparently not enough that Sweden has signed the convention. We need to do something else. And we can start by saying this is not okay.


Why feminism is unnecessary

Today everything concerns feminism. You have to be politically correct or you will be marked as an enemy to human rights. Girls turn into boys, boys into girls. We have turned the humanity upside down. If that’s not enough, we have created a third gender. A third gender that´s not even biological. It is a social gender. Since the beginning men and women have been different. It is the nature of the humans to have these gender differences. How else are we supposed procreate? The end of humanity is near if we don’t stop this feminism.

During the stone age women had to stay at home to take care of the children while the men were out hunting. That was over ten thousand years ago. The human beings have this skill to adapt after environments and circumstances. Women had to adapt themselves to be able to take care of the home. Men were adapted to hunt animals. The bodies and the minds of ours are adapted to different purposes. We cannot radically change it. Such a change would result in a great stress and depression. The human kind can only deal with changes if they are performed slowly over time. That doesn´t only concerns us, but the entire animal life.

Women are an important key to the society. When men are at war, somebody will have to maintain the cities till the male soldiers come back home. If not the women are suited for that, then who are? Science has shown that men have easier to gain muscles than women. They are also more tenacious. Therefore they are more suited for the frontline in the war.

When men have been at war women have followed them. They are the base of all the victories during the history of man. Sweden would have become such a great war nation ion the thirty year war if it wasn´t for the women. If the women hadn´t come along, the soldiers wouldn´t get any food. No one can fight with an empty stomach.

Russia is a role model when it comes to putting women on their places. They value women a lot because of their skills with children. The riches families can afford to hire a maid. Maids are always women cause they are better on cleaning an doing household assignments. Men don´t see the same things as women. For instance, men only vacuum clean the open areas quickly just to get rid of it when women actually move objects and are doing it more carefully.

The results of gender neutralisation are partly that people become insecure about their gender and sexuality. Insecurity can lead to depression and suicide. In the same way feminism results in suicide. Teenagers are often searching for their identities. Sometimes it might not be as clear for you as for everybody around us. We all have a role in society. You only must find it. Not knowing your role in society leads to great confusion amongst everybody. We have a great influence of those who are around us.

To conclude it all, feminism is unnecessary because we have managed live without it. Feminism only results in confusion. It is against the will of god. Those who deny god and his will shall stand trial.

Yes, I have offended you. I fully understand if you are angry. We all have the right to express our opinions. Hopefully I have awaken feelings deep within. My sincere apologies for being ignorant, stupid and totally not one of Sweden´s intellectual elite.

// Gevréost

Barbie – A Criticized Doll

In March 1959, a new doll was introduced. The american doll was named Barbie and it was going to face a great success worldwide. The woman behind the criticized doll is Ruth Handler and she has made a fortune on the doll. You can find Barbie in more than 140 countries and she has been produced in more than a billion copies. There are many different opinions about Barbie and we are going to write about some of them.

Barbie has influenced the fashion industry and many people see her as a fashion icon. The ones who are positive to her existence think that she is a great inspiration, because they consider her as an independent young woman. During her “life” she’s had more than a hundred different careers, such as an astronaut, a doctor and a president. President-Barbie is ahead of our time because of the fact that USA never has had a female president.

The people who are negative towards Barbie thinks that her unrealistic body measurements creates unhealthy body ideal. When young children play with the doll, they can get a perception how a good-looking body is supposed to look like. If a real woman should have the same measurements as Barbie, her length would be close to two meters, she would weigh about 45 kg and her bmi would be around 15. An adult, who has a bmi under 18.5, counts as underweight and for most people these measurements are totally unrealistic.

The ones who are positive to Barbie maybe think that a child doesn’t notice the ideal female body that the doll represents. For example, when we were little kids we played with Barbie and we can’t remember thinking of Barbie’s body back then. Even though most people understand that the doll is just a doll, we think that it make people feel an unaware pressure of trying to reach a certain appearance. Therefore we are very happy that the company that makes the Barbie doll has showed a suggestion of a new Barbie doll with realistic body measurements. We would like to see dolls on the market that are tall, short, thick and thin, and that have different hair and skin colors. We believe that it would make children understand that an ideal is invented and that the ideal doesn’t exist because of the fact that everyone looks different.

//Majaolle & Isadora